Monday, June 20, 2011

Times Square Kiss... Okay I admit Sunday was Lazy

So its Sunday and usually I use my Sunday to try out some new DIY on the net and give it my spin on it…  Well this week has been an unorganized one at best.  From a Pug that can’t handle the Texas heat and me getting stung by a bee and being a baby about it. (Heck you get stung in the hand by a bee not once but twice, I still want to know what  heck they were doing on the door knob.  To a brand new TV (In my defense the money I had spent was on necessities for the most part.  (Washer and Dryer,  Sick Pug, Paying off Credit Cards.  Woo-Hoo I am debt Free sans a 100 charge on the Star Card for a new pair of ACUS grrrrr). 

So the day has been spent on finishing projects around the house that still aren’t finished.  LOL Sundays are to be LAZY!  We have so been that to! 

Instead I will leave you with this!

Alfred Eisenstaedt's famous photo Times Square kiss is one of my favorites and I am a black and white Junky…  I remember at 14 years of age signing a petition to stop Ted Turned from colorizing some famous black and white movies.  Casablanca was one on the list.  Now don’t get me wrong to colorize a black and white photo like mygrapefruit did takes talent.  But something…  I dunno... Makes the image have a less of  a impact IMHO.  What do you think?

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