Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Baseball Scrapbook Page

Braves Game 2008

I love premade scrapbook embellishments.  I start that sentence and feel almost guilty…  I use them on my Want pages, my funny little this is what I like, this is what I am obsessed with, this is what I am reading.  Those pages that family related telling a story of some grand adventure I never use them.    I simply can never find what I want, I scour Wal-Mart, or Hobby Lobby and sigh…  Nothing comes close to what my vision for the page is.  I can order it online a discontinued sheet or embellishment that is almost there but not exactly.  The other issue is my “I have time today to do this, gosh knows what tomorrow will bring. 

So I make my own.  Between a shaky knowledge of Inkscape and Photoshop I get the closest I will get to my vision and more importantly, I enjoy it.  I create the images I desire, and then print them out on to card stock and cut! I could use a di-cut machine I know, but I honestly enjoy the cutting out process.   The other drawback to this is that it seems a shame to never use them again.  I have no problem sharing them with you.  If you want a digital copy of the embellishment, let me know.  I didn’t include them just a main sheet cause I have no idea what the response will be.   

backdrop elements

Baseball Paper


yankee blue

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