Sunday, June 26, 2011

Gluten Free Corn Dogs

A couple of weeks ago I saw Gluten Free Corn Dogs on Gluten-Free Girl and the Chief.  I was so happy.. Corn Dogs when was the last time I had corn dogs???  It must have been over a year.  I do not have Celiac (Thank goodness) but me and gluten do not get along: extreme weight gain, stomach pains and frequent not pleasant trips to the bathroom are a curse.  This happened to me rapidly over the past three years it hit me so suddenly that I thought it was stress.  (I tend to be a worry wort)  I gained 30 pounds in three months.  Then I found the answer...  Gluten...  It hit my mom and I stopped eating gluten and in 40 days I had lost 20 pounds, my stomach felt better and my energy was higher.  Ohhhh trust me though I still eat meat, french fries, and I am known about my love of chocolate in six counties.

But normally I watch as others eat donuts, pancakes, french bread and most importantly fried chicken.  For the past year I have been in Iraq where others made my meals for me (that and my laundry), so being home and being in charge of cooking again I find having problems with cooking gluten-free substitute meals. My husband has hated everything.  So when I told him about the meal he looked at me skeptically.  Finally, after bribing him with onion rings I began the process.

Most of the ingredients were easy to get except the flour substitute. I am not that familiar with Texas and shop at the Local Wal-Mart.  They only have regular flour or Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free Baking Mix.  It was not until someone told me to try HEB.  Ahhhh the mother load...  I got the goods I needed.  So I began....  

I am not a baker, chef or at all handy in the kitchen.  I do enough to feed me and the hubby, and I can make gravy and biscuits to keep the southern boy happy.  Add to the fact that I had to read a recipe..  
The recipe does have you weigh out the dry goods of the flour mix and the corn meal.  Which scared me slightly but I pushed through.  Mixing all the ingredients together.  Now I did have to add more milk then the recipe called for but I think that was due to my scale not being the greatest.  

But I began to dip the hot dogs as the recipe called.  My husband at this time got curious and came into the kitchen promptly telling me I was doing it wrong and took over (I think he just wanted to fry things). So after a glare as I took a photo and him saying it was bad enough he had to star in a comic strip he was not about to be shown making corn dogs I stopped taking pictures.  With him in charge of the frying and such I started getting the plates together.  15 minutes later all four dogs were done, a couple of hush puppies (an idea I got from the comment section of the blog) and the onion rings.

Not the best photo I know.  I don't eat dressing on my salads either
I prefer BBQ dry rubs. Try explaining that to security out side the DFAC

The Verdict...  The Corn dogs were huge and one feed us just fine and they were yummy....  The batter was even recycled this morning to make little fried cake with syrup.  Which was good too.  The weighing of the dry goods was strange. I know its a more exact way, once I got over that fear, the recipe was easy enough.  I think next time I will add some spice to them.  Old Bay and Tabasco sauce..  Mac's only complaint...  I forgot the mustard.

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