Friday, May 27, 2011

Superman Body Pillow

I finally found a fabric store!  Its been on my list of things though Hobby Lobby and Wal-Mart both sell fabric is seems the closest fabric store I knew of was in Temple.  Gas Price here even buying it on base and using my star card for the discount I try not to go unless I have more than one place in Temple I have in mind and the husband is not around.

So driving around Killeen yesterday and I saw it...  Sew and Quilt Store.  It is small but the staff there is sooo nice and I didn't have a project in mind I just browsed that's when I saw it.  The holy grail in my house Superman print fabric. IMG_0097
Is it not awesome SO when the hubby got home I proudly displayed it and started rambling about how I could make small throw pillows or use it for something else.  He took it from me let out the length of it and examined it.  Finally he spoke... I want a body pillow.

My thoughts were simple a body pillow easy and cheap...  (I have been gone from having to shop for any arts and crafts for years) 30 bucks at most Easy.  And I will have enough scrap to add a few blocks into my first Quilt Project.

Nope not what he wanted, he wanted the whole thing to be a body pillow.  Okay it took me an hour to cut pin and sew the fabric. The thing is longer than me!  SIGH...  So off to Wal-Mart where I bought not one but two big bags of stuffing
So I made the hubby stuff it and I sewed it up.  The results....
After figuring out we had 50 dollars in the thing...
Maybe we should of gotten one off Amazon.  :)

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