Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thrown Under the Bus!

Okay for those who have no idea what that means check out the Wikipedia entry.  Honestly I had never heard of the term until I joined the Army.  I have been in my military career a couple of times thrown under the bus by friends....  But never by my husband till today.  GEORGIA GIRL RULE NUMBER 1: When life give you lemons make a Lemon Drop Martini.

That's what I did..

The hubby had volunteered me to photograph a Field Day event.  He told me that they needed an extra pair of hands and if I wouldn't mind coming down for a while.  I agreed and he suggested taking my camera just in case....   I got there and well.....  It wasn't a just in case moment.

Now standing there I was extremely nervous I haven't really taken photos in Iraq.  Nor did I have the equipment to get what I thought would be good pictures.  Shaking off my nervousness I remember lessons that have been drilled in to my head since I started taking photos.

ONE: Never say no to a photograph opportunity,  I did get to try my new telephoto lens which allowed me to get some great shots with out getting in anyones way.
TWO:  Practice makes perfect.  Like anything else you have to practice to get better.

Though I am totally reluctant to show you all the pictures of the kids...  here are some pictures of the BIG ACU Clad Kids

Thorton collage

If your wondering the top left corner is the hubby.

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